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Is that chip in your tub proving to be a real eye-sore? Perhaps it is your sink that has a stain too many? Whatever the case may be, AAA Perma Ceram Bathtub Refinishing will help you. If you live in Discovery Bay, CA, consider our bathroom refinishing company for your needs.

Services We Offer

Our team offers a low-cost alternative to replacing your bathtubs, shower stalls, and sinks. AAA Perma Ceram Bathtub Refinishing resurfaces your bathroom without all the construction dust, hassle, and headaches. Our professionals take pride in the bathroom refinishing service they provide and let their work speak for itself.

Why/When Would You Need Our Assistance?

As a property owner, you cannot afford to ignore what our team can offer. Our kitchen sink and bathtub repair services can be part of your renovation project. They will restore your property to its former glory, without the hassle and stress of a DIY project. You deserve a property you can be proud of, and we know that well. Our cost-effective solutions are available to both commercial and residential customers, and they are just a phone call away.

How We Provide Our Services.

The satisfaction of our clients is our main priority. That is why we cut no corners when it comes to the effectiveness of the tools and the quality of materials that we use. We work with attention to detail and never settle for mediocre results. This allows us to deliver sink and bathtub refinishing of the highest quality.

Do you need some bathtub reglazing to be done in Discovery Bay, CA? Just give us a call! You can also visit our About us and read about the benefits of using our services.


Great Work

I used the company's bathtub repair services. I had been staring at a few chips in my bathroom tile and tub for quite a while. Fortunately, the work that these guys did really did manage to exceed my expectations. The team is very professional, thorough, and polite. I sincerely recommend their reliable services to everyone who lives in the area.

AAA Perma Ceram Bathtub Refinishing
Address: 920 Lido Cir Discovery Bay, CA 94505
Phone: (925) 634-0855

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